Belaire Luc

Luc Belaire is the world’s fastest growing French sparkling wine brand. In a few short years, Belaire Rosé has become the best-selling French Rosé in the U.S., outselling brands established decades earlier. With a stunning package – a silkscreened, paperless bottle – and an authentic French heritage dating back six generations, Belaire has bridged perfectly the gap between traditional Champagnes and resurgent Proseccos and Cavas.

The Belaire range began with our Rosé, made in Provence, France’s most famous rosé wine region. As our Rosé continues to set records in the category we have introduced Belaire Luxe and Belaire Brut Gold, each made in Burgundy, another of France’s most historically significant winemaking regions. For the on-premise sector we’ve launched the groundbreaking Fantôme version of each Belaire cuvée, which features a glowing electroluminescent label activated by the press of a button.

Belaire is supported with the most innovative, high-quality merchandise and apparel in the industry, all designed by our in-house marketing team. Online, Belaire’s social media presence has created a global phenomenon, with followers of our official (@OfficialBelaire) and fan-made accounts exceeding one million.

We continue to develop exciting new additions to the Belaire range as we nurture and grow this remarkable brand.