Bumbu craft rum

An authentic Caribbean legend, Bumbu is a rum like no other. Made in small batches at a 19th century distillery in Barbados, Bumbu is based on a 400-year old recipe used by sailors and merchants of the colonial West Indies, who blended Caribbean fruits and spices into their rum and gave it the same evocative name we’ve revived today.

To make each small batch of Bumbu, we first distill sugarcane grown in eight different countries throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. These rums are aged up to 15 years in once-used American oak Bourbon barrels, using Barbados’ naturally coral limestone-filtered water throughout our distilling process for an unmatched smoothness.

The Bumbu package is a work of art itself: a fragrance-quality glass bottle with an iconic tarnished metal “X” medallion, gold and white painted décor, and an oversized, old-fashioned cork.

Bumbu offers the rarest of experiences: a centuries-old pedigree, stunning package, and uniquely original taste.